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Help troubleshoot issues with Rebel T6 webcam.


Hello, could anyone help me with an issue I'm having? 🙂

I am trying to use my Canon Rebel T6 as a webcam on my laptop, but it is not working. The connections all seem to be fine, and my computer identifies it, but it still will not work, for example, when I open Discord or any other streaming apps, it only shows the "EOS WEBCAM UTILITY" screen. I have installed the EOS Webcam Utility Pro for Windows, but nothing opens when I try to launch it. It does run in the background though. When in Device Manager, my camera shows up under "Portable Devices" and the Utility appears under "Cameras," along with the integrated webcam which is disabled. I used to have the "EOS Utility 3.15.20 for Windows" installed and I would disable it like I'm supposed to, but now I only have the "EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.0.30 (Windows)." If anyone could be kind enough to help me, it would be extremely appreciated! Thank you.  



Hello, page8x, and welcome to the forum.  Let’s figure this out.

There are actually two applications that need to be shutdown before the Webcam Utility can run properly.  You need to close the EOS Utility 3, which you seem to have done.  You also need to shutdown the EOS Utility Launcher Service.  This app runs in the background.  It detects when an EOS camera has been connected to a USB port.  It determines the camera model and then launches EOS Utility 2 or EOS Utility 3.  I suspect this Windows Service has not also been shot down.

Do you see a camera icon in the System Tray in the lower right corner near the Clock?  If you do, then right-click on it and select [Exit].  As long as the EOS Launcher Service is running in the background, then the EOS Webcam Utility cannot access the camera on the USB port.

You may have to do this every time you turn your computer on.  The EOS Utility Launcher Service is configured to automatically startup when the camera restarts.  This can be changed, however.

Hope this helps.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I uninstalled the EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.0.30, and now the only EOS thing I have installed on my system is the EOS Utility 3.17.0 for Windows. Now nothing shows up for "Cameras" in my device manager, while my camera is still shown in "Portable Devices."  I have my camera on and the utility 3 isn't in the tray, but it is paired with my camera.  When plugging the camera in, the Windows notification pops up to select what happens with the device.