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EOS Webcam will not install EWCService.exe failed to start. Verify.....sufficient privileges


Windows 10, fully updated as of 2/10/23.  

I borrowed some text from another thread but it describes the problem in detail.. 

"It flat out refuses to install. I go through all the install process, it unpacks, goes through install progress bar comes close to complete, it hangs for several minutes and then pops up with

EOS Webcam Utility

! Service EWCService' (EWCService.EXE) failed to start. Verify

That you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


Try retry all day long and it just repeats only option is to cancel"  .......which uninstalls the package.

I am administrator and right clicking and running the install as an administrator does nothing.


I have rebooted, updated the machine to the latest version available and installed GPEDIT.MSC and set privileges in it according to a web article.  Still does this and it will not install. 

The log that is generated is useless.  The developer created an exception routine but didn't put anything in the log to say why the exception occurred.   



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RichardZ,

What type of security/firewall are you using? This may be what's keeping the install from running properly. There are no known issues with the EOS WebCam Utility on a Windows 10 system. In fact, that's what we run in our support call centers with the software. If the issue persists, you may want to contact Microsoft or your computer manufacturer to troubleshoot the computer end. 

Thanks for your response.  I am using AVG, current free version, and I disabled it and had the same results with the install.

The machine having the problems is a Toshiba Satellite C55B, running Win 10 Home edition 22h2.

The BIOS is Toshiba 5.0

I sent the log to my son who manages (a group manager)  IT support teams at a major insurance company.  He looked at the log and was not impressed since it apparently does not offer any information regarding the cause of the fatal error.  He is an acknowledged expert in his field in the insurance industry and regularly wins awards and accolades for his technical expertise trouble shooting software, computers, servers and network issues.  The statement about the log was not made lightly.

Unless you have some other thoughts I will discard the idea of using this on the machine.  We take it when we travel and it seemed like a neat addition to the machine.  Thank you again.



I have discovered that the Installer service is set to manual and is greyed out so that I cannot change it to automatic.  I suspect that unless the install package starts that service it cannot install.  I have found out how to get around this problem but, before I do, I thought I would ask if you had any information in regards to this thought......



I do not think your Toshiba Satellite C55B meets the minimum hardware and operating system requirements to run the latest Canon applications.  Upgraded Operating Systems are known to be incompatible.  Your screen resolution may not meet the minimum requirements, either.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Not sure where you got your information... Min 1.6gh Pentium, machine is 2.16 gh Pentium,  RAM 2gb, machine is 4 gb, Screen 1024 x 768, machine currently set at 1366 x 768 (recommended).

@RichardZ wrote:

Not sure where you got your information... Min 1.6gh Pentium, machine is 2.16 gh Pentium,  RAM 2gb, machine is 4 gb, Screen 1024 x 768, machine currently set at 1366 x 768 (recommended).

You’re also running a Windows 8.1 machine that has been upgraded to Windows 10.  Upgraded Operating Systems do not meet the minimum Canon specs.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Not sure where you are getting your info but this machine had Win 10 on it when I bought it new.  I don't think the Canon software can look back and say...oh, this machine probably had Win 8.1 on it...particularly since it did not.  Thanks for your input.   


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This is where I am getting my information from…. 

Is that the correct laptop that you have?  The laptop was being sold with a free upgrade to Windows 10 back in 2014.  I do not doubt that it was running Windows 10 when you bought.

However, there is a major hardware difference under the hood between a machine that runs Windows 10 and those that ran all previous versions.  It is not a problem for a spreadsheet application to run on an upgraded Windows 10 OS.  All a spreadsheet does is process data and R/W to memory.

The problems arise when the application interacts with the computer’s hardware like USB ports and such.  While the desktop may look like Windows 10, Windows 8 is still what is running under the hood because of the hardware.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Waddizzle, it is really presumptuous to suggest that because a machine was originally designed to support Windows 8 that,

  1. the specific machine previously had Windows 8.1 installed on it, or
  2. the hardware isn't supported by Canon's software.

There were a lot of very high-end machines on the market that well-surpassed Windows 8 minimum hardware requirements, and easily supported Windows 10's own hardware requirements upon its release.

(Source: I used to work in Windows support.)

If there are, in fact, such limitations, then Canon's minimum hardware requirements should clearly state what those specific limitations are. Some of those requirements may happen to match with the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10, but that doesn't necessarily preclude machines that were capable of running Windows 8.1.

Given this, your response comes across as a way of shutting down a legitimate line of inquiry because you don't otherwise know what the problem is. That's not useful, and especially when other contributors have confirmed that they are experiencing this on what sounds like much more recent hardware. 

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