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EOS Webcam Utility



I have EOS Rebel T6i, and I want to use it as a webcam. I downloaded and installed the EOS Webcam Utility form Canon website, and when I connect the camera to my PC using the cable, my PC is not finding the camera. I updated the camera firmware, used with more than one cable, test it with more than one software (the windows  camera app and OBS Studio), and tried to update the driver but nothing work. Please, for more details see the attached picture.

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If your device is failing to be detected by Windows on its own, I'd try a different cable and / or port.  You'll want to connect directly to the laptop, PC or motherboard, and not through a hub, etc.

If the EOS Utility is installed and running, it will keep the WebCam Utility from working correctly.


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I tried more than one USB cable (as I mentioned) connected directly to a laptop (no hub used) also I tried more than one PC, have the same problem.


What set of installation instructions did you follow?

It is not clear if you are using a USB cable or an HDMI cable.  The EOS Webcam Utility is designed to work with the USB port, and only the USB port.  Do not connect an HDMI cable.

Do you have the regular EOS Utility installed, too?  As noted above, the regular EOS Utility needs to be closed.  If the camera can connect to the regular EOS Utility software, then you know that your USB cable and computer port are good to go.  I recommend testing to see if this works, too.

But, there is more to it.  Most, importantly, the EOS Launcher Utility Service needs to be stopped and shut down, too.  If you see the EOS icon in your System Tray, then the service is still running.   Right click on the icon, and select “Exit”.  The EOS Launcher is what detects your camera and decides to launch EOS 2 or EOS 3.  It also blocks the Webcam from accessing the camera.

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I am using USB cable, no EOS utility is installed on my laptop other than EOS webcam.

I would try installing the regular EOS Utility, and test the USB connection.  Also, the Webcam Utility just might need a DLL file that gets installed with the regular EOS Utility.

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