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EOS Webcam Utility wont let me in


When I try to pay for my subscription with EOS utility software it only allows for me to put down a US Address, I really need this to work to get my Twitch stream running asap, is there a way I can fix this?

I considered the possibility of there being a canadian version of the app but it doesn't seem so, it shouldn't be this hard for me to pay up lol.

Any help is massively appreciated,
Thanks in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi xeno,

I understand your frustration with being unable to sign up for the EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription. Unfortunately the Canon USA EOS Webcam Utility Pro subscription is only available for customers located in the USA. There is not a way to sign up for the subscription if you are located outside of the USA.

Since you are located in Canada we would recommend contacting Canon Canada for information on if they have a similar service, or if they plan on releasing a similar service in Canada.

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