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EOS Webcam Utility on M3 Mac with ZOOM is not working


I have been using the EOS Webcam Utility since it was released on a PC. I just switched to a Mac and it is not working with ZOOM or Facetime

I have a t6s and a M3 Pro Macbook Pro. I'm running most updated version of ZOOM. I have installed and reinstall the utility as directed many times now.

When I'm in zoom or facetime, I can select the EOS Webcam Utility, but as soon as I select it in the apps, I can hear the sensor in the camera shut and the screen just shows the EOS Webcam Utility screen. I've tried everything I've read on the discussion forum here, but can't get it to work.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings ecroemer,

When using the camera as a webcam, let's ensure that the camera is in the video recording mode and to have a memory card inside the camera. Please disable the camera's internal Wi-Fi function prior to connecting the USB cable to the camera.

If using a USB hub, then please connect the camera directly to a USB port on the computer or to disconnect any other device that may be connected to the USB hub.

Check to ensure that no other software application is attempting to communicate with the camera since this will prevent the EOS Webcam Utility from recognizing the camera. Please also check to see if there is any security software or security settings that may be interfering with the EOS Webcam Utility and how it communicates with the EOS Rebel T6s camera.

With Zoom and Facetime, check to see if using their web-based client version, if available, will allow the EOS camera to function as a webcam through EOS Webcam Utility.

We recommend updating the camera's firmware to its latest version in case it's using an older firmware version. You may click on the following link to visit the product support page for the EOS Rebel T6s camera where firmware updates are available. Step-by-step instructions are included in the download file.