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Webcam utility & Zoom—Aspect ratio and mic issues


Im having the same issue on two different machines—a Mac Studio running Sonoma 14.12 and a MacBook Pro running Monteray 12.7. My camera is a 7D Mark I and EOS Webcam Utility is installed on both.

1. How do I change the aspect ratio? By default its set to 4:3, but obviously I'd like the screen filled at 16:9. Under the camera dropdown within Zoom you can check "original ratio" or "HD" and its my understanding the latter is supposed to set it to 16:9. But if I check either of those boxes the camera doesn't work—instead shows the "EOS WEBCAM UTILITY" and disconnected plug icon screen. Cannon tells me theres no way to change the aspect ratio on the camera itself either (which is a huge disappointment in and of itself). And the black bars on the sides are maddening. Given these limitations, how do I get rid of them? Is the 7D and EOS software just collectively lacking to accommodate this? Was EOS utility not intended to handle Zooms features?

2. The camera isn't available in the audio menu. Theres a mic in the MacBookPro, but not in the Studio. Do I really need to buy a desktop mic to use this camera on my newest computer? Even after I had to run a terminal command just to get the outdated software to work? Sonoma was released 5 months ago...