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EOS Webcam Pro not finding 6D


I could use some help. I have upgraded from the free version to the Pro version of the Webcam software to get more control and higher resolution for my 6D for videos and Zoom meetings. I am using a new M2 14" MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71).

The Canon EOS Utility 3 software finds the camera and allows me to control the camera and do live preview. However, the Canon EOS Webcam driver does not find the camera (e.g. in Teams or Zoom). Neither does the Canon EOS WEBCAM utility.

I have replaced the USB cables with one specified for the 6D and changed USB ports. Wireless is disabled on the 6D. I have reinstalled the software.

The software itself (and the Canon Website) are pretty maddening to use, but I'm willing to slog through bad software UI to get this to work. Any thoughts? Is Canon tech support worth trying? Thanks!! 🙏




You cannot have both EOS Utilities running at the same time. The camera might need to be in video mode.  Make sure the camera is set to use the USB port not wireless, of course. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."



  • I was not running EOS utilities at the same time
  • I upgraded the EOS Webcam software to the pro version. It’s a little quirky, but the pro features are cool
  • To troubleshoot, I tried the same set up with with my other camera, a Canon EOS 7D Mark II, which uses a (more modern) Micro USB cable. The 6D uses a Mini USB. The 7D II works without a problem. Flawless really. 
  • I got a new Mini USB cable based on the 6D specs and that didn’t work.

So my assumptions are either:

  • The older cameras don’t do streaming as well as the newer one
  • Something is wrong with my 6D body

I have the exact same problem with my 6D, did you find any solutions?