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EOS t7i video corruption

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I have a T6i and a new T7i.  the t6i has been working great but the t7i is giving me problems when I import videos 


I am having a problem with videos getting corrupted when downloading them from my t7i on a Windows 7 Computer.

The photos import just fine. The Imported videos are there but on playback they are just black. 


The video shoots fine and play back on the camera

If I manually copy the video from the card using a card reader it copies fine

If I plug my camera into the computer via USB or use a card reader and use Windows "Import from camera", videos the video are corrupted, the pictures are fine 


I did a little experimenting and Here are my findings: 

- Everything works fine with my T6i on my windows 7 machine and use Windows "Import From Camera" 

- Every thing works fine on my T7i Windows 10 machine using windows "Import from camera"

- Everything works fine when I pull the card ftom the t7I and manually copy the file to my Windows 7 machine

- Videos get corrupted when I directly connect to the camera or pull the card and put in a card reader and use Windows "Import from Camera" on my Windows 7 machine 



So the issue is any video shot in the t7i and then use Windows "Import form camera" on my Windows 7 machine directly from the camera or using the SD card in a card reader. If I do the exact same thing with my T6i there are no issues. 




I have upgraded the camera firmware with no change 

I have reinstalled all drivers with no change


Any suggestions? 

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Re: EOS t7i video corruption

You should be using the EOS Utility to import photo and video files.  But, I do not know if the Canon EOS Utility software for the T7i is supported on Windows 7.  I would doubt it.  Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, but I think they still did when the T6i was first introduced.


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Re: EOS t7i video corruption

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Yeah the EOS utility works fine.  I'll just disable the autostartof the Windows import.  Thanks!!

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Re: EOS t7i video corruption

Hi, I own a Canon EOS M50 camera and I use Sandisk 64gb (extreme and Ultra) memory cards and it appears my files are becoming corrupted.


I tried to isolate if it was the hard drive, or the macbook, or the USB card reader but it appears it may be the encoding of the files onto the memory card. 


Perhaps the settings are too high res for the memory cards... Is this a common issue? How do I resolve this? Need it resolved asap as I'm a newbie on footage capturing trip.




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