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very noisy live image on R6 mark ii with red light to the right of "set"


Just bought a new R6 Mark ii and trying to learn how to use it. I have taken a lot of nice images then suddenly the live image becomes very noisy with lots of lines across the image. When I tried to take a picture, it cannot save it and the red light to the right of the set button lights up. tried to turned off then on, removed the battery, removed the sd xc v90 cards and still the live image remains noisy with and without the SD card inserted. I m using the RF 24-105 mm lens. pls help.



Sorry to hear you are having issues.  

Set the camera mode dial to P.  Go into the Gold Wrench menus and reset the camera back to factory defaults.  Make sure you are only using full size SD cards.  Be sure to format the SD cards prior to first use.  If you are experiencing the issue indoors, try taking test photos outdoors.

If your problems still persist then you should contact Canon Support.

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Hi Rob and welcome to the forum:

If you are new to the R6II I strongly suggest two things:
1.  Download and be prepared to read/refer to the manual, it is written for a reason, and you will get answers to most questions from that.
Canon EOS R6 MkII Advanced User Guide PDF Download 

2.  Watch the following video:
(4) Canon R6 Mark ii Tutorial Training Video - R6ii Users Guide Set Up - Made for Beginners - YouTub...

cheers, TREVOR

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