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turning off focus points on Rebel t5?

i’m not quite sure how to word this because i only use my camera for live-streaming, nothing else, but i cannot find a setting to turn off these focus points on Live View(?) i’m using this camera with OBS, so everything that shows up on Live View also shows up on my program... including the square in the center of the screen when manual/auto focusing. i’m not sure what to do..


I have heard that switching to manual focus on the lens will get rid of the focus box.


I am not top drawer on the T5 but I don't think you can turn it off.  You might let us know if you find out how just for curiosity sakes.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


I have just bought a Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D (not the T5i) and wanted to use it for videos at church. I had two problems the AF popping into the video and the 29 minute 59 second timer turning the camera off in the middle of the service.


I found two ways to turn off the autofocus.

1) mount the camera upside down on the tripod and it did not recognize the mouth/eyes configuration in the human face and so the AF did not come into the picture although it was not truly disabled

2) I downloaded Magic Lantern and updated the firmware in the camera. This solved two problems -- now the camera did recognize the Manual Focus/Auto Focus switch on the lens and the AF did turn off when I switched the lens into MF mode.  AND ... the Magic Lantern menu let me disable that pesky 29 minute 59 second built in timer that would chop our worship and sermon recording into two pieces every time.


Now I have a GREAT webcam of the finest quality at a bargin price with all the features of a great camera for taking photos of events to be posted on our Website.  This turned into a WIN WIN for me.  Hope it helps others.

can you please help me with this i cant get a clean hdmi out for nothing

I was looking for a workaround for a clean HDMI output for my Rebel T5. Thanks for your comment! Will also try Magic Lantern and will also use for our church! Exciting!