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t6s cannot connect to home wifi router


Can anyone help. I am trying to get my new Canon EOS Rebel T6s to connect to home network. I select view images on DNLA devices; click on find network; camera detects network, I then select network and enter connection. The camera responds with (EOS-canon) so I press ok. takes me to open//shared/ or wpa/wpa-psk. I have a router that is wpa secured so I select this option. next option is 8-63 ascii or 64 hexi dec. I select 8-63 ascii and then enter my network password enter and the camera displays BUSY (I assume this is the connection process) then camera responds with Error 61 Selected SSID wireless Lan network not found. I thought this might be a signal problem so I positioned the camera next to the router with the same results. Im at a loss !!! Help please !!!!



You can always contact Canon U.S. Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.  Make sure your access point isn't the issue, though.


If you're like me, then you have security setup in your router to disallow connections from devices with MAC address that are not on a pre-approved list.  Also, you may wish to not use IPV6, or disable it.  Many routers have accomodations for guest user access, which allow connection to the internet but are blocked from connecting to the local LAN.

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The T6S only has NFC, you can't make a "normal" wifi connection and have it just show up on your network. Check out the manual