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t4i does not work with Leica Summicron-R (t3i works!)




I recently bought a T4i and am trying to get a Leica Summicron-R lens (50 mm f2.0) with an adapter work with this camera. This lens and dapter work fine with with my friend's t3i perfectly fine.


However, when I connect the lens to my camera, even while in the OFF position, the camera begins its "work" and for some reason believes that it is a leans that needs a firmware upgrade. Of course, the Leica Lens is all metal & glass, so there is no firmware to be updated. The camera simplay gives an error message "Unable to upgrade lens firmware" / "Communication error between Lens and camera" etc.


I've tried cleaning the lens contacts, adapter and camera contacts but doesn't help. The same lens and adapter work fine with my friend's t3i, so I do not think it is that here.


I had recently upgraded my t4i's firmware to version 1.0.4 so I have the latest firmware too...


Any help and pointrs on how to make this work shall be greatly appreciated.






PS: I hope the answers wouldn't be like the Canon camero only supports cannon lenses? Because Leica lenses are much better as compared to corresponding Canon ones (I have canon 50mm 1.4), and hence I DO want to use Leica on Canon (specially since my friend is able to do so fine on T3i).