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pink vertical lines

I have a canon t3i rebel with pink lines on the screen which unfortunately appears on the picture.Though I bough the camera in the US,the local rep for Canon is said he canon support it.


Return it or send it in.

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If the lines aren't on your subject (in real life) then they shouldn't be on your image either.


EDIT:  (Note... I think I misread your message.  I thought I read that Canon said they would not support it.  If they do support it, arrange for service and send it in.)


In case you bought an "imported" camera and not a US version.


The cameras are identical and even made in the same place.  But a "US" body is one which Canon imported, paid tariffs/duties, etc. and is intended for sale in the US  (or Canada) and has a full warranty.


Then there are camera which were NOT imported by Canon.  These are camera manufactured for sale elsewhere but someone acquired them and brought them to the US market on their own (not by Canon).  You can sometime save a few bucks on these, but the problem is that they don't qualify for support from Canon.  They call these "gray market" because the camera really is made by Canon (it's a genuine product) but because it didn't go through proper channels to make it to the US market, Canon doesn't recognize it.


If you bought the "imported" version, check with the retailer where you purchased the camera.  Some retailers who sell "imported" cameras claim that they will honor the warranty/support and you don't have to go to Canon.  


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da