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no sound when shooting video!


HELP! I bought a Rebel T3 just before moving abroad (and thus I am no where near the store where I bought it) and as I started to teach myself today how to use the video feature, I did some video tests and there is no sound! I DO have sound recording turned ON under menu. I don't know what else do do. Perhaps there another setting I'm not aware of. I sure hope I did not get a faulty camera as I will not be back in the U.S. for a year! HELP!


You probably have the playback volume turned down. 



Mike Sowsun

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Oh Gosh! 10 views and no replies. No one can make any suggestions? 😞


Hi Rumer!


Thank you for posting.


Do you have anything connected to the camera other than the lens?  If so, what?


Are you only not hearing audio playback on the camera or do you also not hear the audio when you play the video back on a computer?


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I panicked when no sound when playing back on camera. It IS there when played on computer after downloading video to computer. BUT: is it normal not to hear sound on camera?

Would be nice to be able to play back on camera, to check how it's coming out when in the process of shooting video.

Seems odd that it would be designed in such a way that we cannot do that...?

You probably have the playback volume turned down. 



Mike Sowsun

Oh, wow, you are right! Thank you! The manual in fact says something about this but I doesn't point to it in a diagram and I thought it was the little dail that has a + and - sign and not the dial that's further out on the camera.



This is also what I was looking for in terms of sound and klingelton for the device I am using