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my 5dmk2 is producing pink/half/digital noise jpg's


My 5Dmk2 just went mental during a shoot, it started producing pink jpg's, and then just digital noise ones, then half normal half pink,..and then a batch of normal ones etc. I know this is not uncommon, does anyone have a definative diagnosis please?


My "definitive" diagnosis is that it sounds like a bad CF card.


If you try shooting RAW+JPEG, are the RAW files OK? If so, then the RAW-to-JPEG conversion circuitry may have failed. But my money's on a bad card.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Ill try that now, cheers.

Just tried it, and the phots are fine in both JPG and RAW. but it stopped my shoot earlier, then was fine while i was testing it after, untill I messed with it again an hour ago, and it was all pink and 'digital white/pink' jpg's. I have a wedding in one month, I now cannot trust it not to do this during the wedding. it isnt the CF card, I tried all three of my cards at the shoot. I have shoots planned over the summer too, cant really afford to rent one for three weeks.


thats what i was getting ?!

That sort of behavior typically preceeds a bigger failure. If it is intermittent, worst after shooting for a while but recovers after "cooling down" then I suspect a power related problem. I suggest sending it in for repair now. You'll have it back before the wedding.

Hello Everyone,

    I have the same problem on my 5D mkII, the pictures are pink and I need to turn off and turn on for images became normal again, someone can tell me wich part I need to replace ? If this problem is in motherboard (mainboard) or in CCD (sensor) ???

Thanks for help me