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I was going to purchase a cannon full frame OES 5D and have a tammron  18-270 and they said it wouldnt fit.. is there an adapter that would fit for this lens on this camera?



No.  Its time for  new lens. 

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IMHO, as always, if you are looking at any 5 series Canon, you certainly want a much better lens than that Tamron anyway.  The 5 series is way too good of a camera to hamper it with a poor lens. Avoid any zoom with a huge zoom range. If you do want that type of zoom photography look at the Powershot P&S line up. Again, MHO.

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sorry i like my Tamron lens.... thanks..

What camera does the lens work on now?

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Several companies make lens adapters, but it's impossible to make any recommendations without knowing what mount your Tamron lens is made for.  I use a Sigma MC-11 to adapt my Canon lenses for use with a Sony A6400, and it works very well.

“sorry i like my Tamron lens.... thanks..”

Your Tamron is made for APS-C sensor bodies. There is no adapter to use it on a full frame sensor body.
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The Sigma MC-11 can easily be modified to accept EF-S lenses.  All that has to be done is a removal of the internal plastic cover, which sits under the outside ring.  It's removal does not effect the function of the adapter in any way.


This is commonly done and takes just a few minutes to do.

We don't know that it is an EF-S lens, do we? Couldn't it be for Nikon or Sony?

The only reason why a Sony A6400 would work with an EF-S lens and the MC-11 adapter is because it, too, is an APS-C sensor camera body.

For now, I will assume the lens is a Canon mount.
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