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Life Expectancy of Canon T3i for HD video use

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I'm a 14-year old filmmaker who has been immensly satisfied with my canon DSLR. I've had it for two years now since october, and I've never had any issues. My concern is about its life expectancy. I've heard from a fellow peer that since canon's EOS cameras shutter motor is mechanical, it only operates for about 4 years before breaking. I also heard that all rebel canon cameras cannot not replace this motor after its death.


So is it true I only have around two more years with my wonderful camera?






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The shutter motor you refer to is actually an electro-magnet.  It has a coil and is energized, by the battery, to make it work.  This causes heat to build up.  The heat is what does the eventual damage to the camera.  Heat is the enemy of all electronics.  It will last for 4 hours, or 4 years or maybe 40 years!  Who knows?  The outside factors are too numerous to predict.  Four years of constant 24 hours a day video shooting will probably do it!

As to whether the shutter can be replaced in a Rebel T3i, I suspect cost is a bigger factor than whether it can be done.

But than again I am a stills photographer not a videographer.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thanks for the information! I'll keep that in mind!

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The shutter is expected to last about 100,000 clicks (on a T3i).  However... there are many people who go well beyond that, and of course there are also people who don't get that many.   


A shutter activation is an oppening and closing of the shutter.  When you shoot video, the shutter opens and stays open and the sensor electronically captures the frames (the shutter is not rapidly opening and closing for each frame).  A single video clip is just one activation of the mechanical shutter.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da