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help with t3i and Ishoot wireless flash transmitter



Ok, so I am new.  new to this forum and new to the t3i.  I have put together a photo booth that i am trying to use the t3i in.  I am running a program called dslr photo booth which works fine with the camera.  It fires a photo off every 5 seconds.

my issue is flash.  because the camera is sealed in a case the stock flash will not work.  i bought this ishoot wireless flash transmitter but cannot get it to work.  The test button on it will activate my remote flash the camera will not.


right now i have live mode enabled so that when people enter the booth they can see themselves on the monitor and start posing.


I am also using auto mode with quick focus but have been thinking of changing that to manual focus once the camera focuses in auto.  All subject will be about 5 feet from the camera.


So anyway, I need to know if anyone here uses ishoot and how to set this up (please include step by step or just email me directly at [MOD NOTE: Email address removed per FORUM GUIDELINES]


And also if anyone has a better way to have the camera take a quick photo.  I cant have subjects posing while the camera go thru 20 seconds of trying to focus and setting the pop up flash off several times during this.

Thanks in advance.



Why not buy a Canon flash and use a flash extension cable?


Why makes us guess about which flash transmitter you got?


It looks like the iShoot is not Canon specific. It has no hope of working with E-TTL which you have to have for an automated photobooth.

ok thanks.  I had the ishoot so thought i'd try it before making another purchase.  looks like i will be in the marked for a canon flash.

will this one work wirelessly with the t3i?


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