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canon Eos m50 adapter question


So I'm planning on getting an adapter for my m50. There is a canon branded EF-EOS adapter but it costs like $200. There is also one by Velo that is significantly cheaper, only $60. Is there any real reasons to go with the canon brand instead of saving all that money and going for the Velo?



I have the Canon adapter from when the M Series was first introduced.  Vello introduced an adapter at the same time.  I would suspect that the current adapter is still the same model introduced a few years ago.  How well it works with newer bodies is an unknown, but it worked well the first and second generation of M Series bodies, AFAIK.  I have heard hardly any complaints about it, which means little to nothing.


However, what lenses do you plan to use with the adapter.  I quickly found out that only the smallest EF lenses are worth the trouble of using with M Series bodies because of their ultra compact size and short battery life.  The EF/EF-S pancake lenses are perfect.  


The consumer oriented primes are small enough to work fairly well.  A lens like the EF-S 18-135 would be unbalanced towards th lens end of the combo, plus there is the battery drain issue.  Carry at least two spares.


I have used the Rokinon 14mm T3.1 with the M3, and have been able to get off hundreds of shots in one day in eco-mode.  The lens dwarfed the camera body.  But, once it was dialed in to the hyperfocal distance using focus peaking, I could shoot all day without having to worrry about focus.



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