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can't install EOS Digital Solution Disk ver 29.3. I have a IMAC osx ver 10.6.8


i just bought a t5 can't install EOS Digital Solution Disk ver 29.3.  I have a IMAC osx ver 10.6.8




You might need to try 28.2A for Snow Leopard

John Hoffman
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There is a lot of Mac software that now requires OS X 10.7 or higher.   If your Mac has a 64 bit processer then you can upgrade the OS (and it's free... Apple hasn't charged for OS updates in many years.)


The only requirement to get to the latest OS is that your Mac hardware must have a 64-bit processor.  But 10.6 was released in 2009 and if you have a Mac built in 2009 your Mac would meet that requirement.


The first 64-bit intel Macs had "Core 2 Duo" processors (Core 2 Duo is 64-bit.... if it's Core Duo then it's 32 bit).  In 2009 most Macs were still shipping with "Core 2 Duo" processors but some of the higher-end models had Core i5 or Core i7 processors which are also 64-bit processors (the Mac Pro towers had other 64-bit multi-core processor options.)    But the point is... EVERY Mac produced in 2009 had a 64-bit Intel processor.



Since you have OS X 10.6 I believe one of the latest OS X patches (if you keep up with your software updates) added the Mac "App Store" app.   While some software in the App Store is paid software... some software is free.  OS X upgrades are all free.  This means you can use it to select and download the latest versions of OS X and get your machine back on supported software versions (you want have to go looking for old and possibly unsupported versions of software.)



Tim Campbell
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