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Erratic power issue with 6D Mark II

My camera has been acting erratically — some kind of power issue. Yesterday, the autofocus beep was faint, then went totally silent  Then the camera would not focus or take a shot. I restarted the camera several times snd it seemed to start up, but t...

Skip70 by Enthusiast
  • 9 replies

timelapse video with EOS R6 Mark II

I would like to make timelapse video, equivalent with Fv mode for pictures. This means I could fix two parameters, eg. shutter time and aperture while the only automatically adjustable parameter would be e.g. ISO. Apparently, Sony has such option, bu...

jan9 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Canon R7 Movie Time lapse setting

When using the R7 time lapse movie mode, if you use a shutter speed of two seconds or longer with two second interval chosen. Will the camera skip frames because it's trying to take an image every two seconds, but the shutter could be open exposing o...

EVaughan by Contributor
  • 15 replies

Blurry pics from new EOS camera

I’m new to the canon family and I know nothing about cameras. I bought this eos and just left it on auto settings. I began to take pictures and they all come out blurry. Maybe 1 out of 20 might be some what clear. I can’t tell on that little screen i...

Resolved! EOS R7 Firmware Update

Hi, I'm in New Zealand and just purchased the Canon R7. It's firmware is 1.2.0 and when going online to update it, the latest firmware is shown as 1.3.1 however the webpage for downloading firmware only has 4 downloads available and they all relate t...

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