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Wireless connection via WFT-E8B keeps dropping


Hello, I offered to help set up wireless tethering for a friend between Lightroom on his MacBook and his Canon 1D X via the WFT-E8B.


We've been having problems with the wireless connection between the Mac and the camera dropping. Here's what we've done/discovered trying to isolate and fix the issue:


  • A direct wired connection caused no issues but obviously robs him of freedom to move, so he bought the wireless adaptor. The camera and Mac are never more than a couple of meters apart. He's shooting JPG, not RAW.


  • At first there was a conflict between Lightroom and the Canon EOS Utility where they were constantly fighting over the connection. So now, once the connection is established, we close the EOS Utility, which helped the constant disconnects within Lightroom, but not the periodic dosconnects between camera and Mac.


  • To isolate the issue, instead of connecting through his home wireless network we connected camera and MacBook directly to each other via wireless.


  • I set the camera connection as the default/top priority wireless network on the MacBook.


  • Lastly, we turned off the auto-sleep timer on the 1Dx to make sure that wasn't killing the connection, which seemed to solve it. But since I left last time he reports that he's having the same issue Man Sad


Any ideas? Thanks!





I have the exact same issue with the idxii constantly disconnecting from wifi and have not figured out how to solve. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? Many thanks. Joe

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