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Will not take pictures


ok so i have an EOS Rebel T5 , it stoped taking pictures mid shoot the other day.  

symptoms , when powed on  it opens flash and takes a picture, normaly 1 but have several times started taking multiple pictures as if the camera was in burst mode and would only stop when i press the shutter button. 

when trying to take a picture it will auto focus with half press , but with full press i only get flash or normal beep but no shutter action no picture and no error or busy message.  it does this in all modes including MF  and with all 3 lenz i own.

i have cleand every thing including the contacts on lez and body. i have also switched it into every configuration of AF , MF and other setings it has no effect. 



Try resetting the camera.  It may be in a multiple exposure or bracketing mode.

Make sure your battery is fully charged.  If you are using a battery grip, remove it temporarily. 


Have you ever low level formatted your memory card in the camera?  Every memory card needs to have it done before first use.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

i have reset the camera it made no change , currently i have re formated the SD card and found the latest firmare update i have never done a firmware update on this camera.  will let you know if it works 

new SD card and firmware update did not fix 

Sounds like you need to contact Canon US Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.

"The right mouse button is your friend."