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Why, when in manual focus mode...


...on the 60D do I not hear a beep or see a green light when I am in focus?  Is there a setting to change this?  The lens I am using is a Canon 18-135.  


@pixeltaker wrote:

Thank you for your response, but I do not have a Rebel.  I have a 60D.  I have used the tecnique as posted by someone else.  Set the zoom to where you want it.  Go to Live View, zoom in and manual focus from Live View.  I tried that the other night and it works perfectly, although no beep or green light.  But I was able to see close-up how sharp (or not!) I was focusing!

Glad you find the live view trick useful.  I must admit I didn't even know about the green light.  Actually I did - I used it for micro adjustment of lenses - but I have forgotten about it.  The green light can only be seen through the viewfinder.  Sorry for the wrong info.

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I didn't even look to see if there was a focus confirmation on live view.  I assumed it could only be seen through the viewfinder. I really like the live view technique to get more accurate focusing.  Thanks for that tip!

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Have you disabled beep in the menu ?

@lly3988 wrote:

Have you disabled beep in the menu ?

I haven't fully tested this, because I always get a confirmation beep with AF lenses that have been switched to MF. I don't even give it a second thought.


When manual focusing through the viewfiinder, you will only get a beep when the camera was in One Shot AF mode prior to switching the lens to MF, and even then, only when the metering system is active.


When I take photos of the Moon, I can manually focus in Live View, and get a confirmation beep when I wake up the metering system by pressing the shutter.  In addition to the beep, the AF square [I use the center one] changes color, from green to red [or vice versa?].



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No, the beep is not disabled.  That was the first thing I checked.