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White glare spot in photos on R6




Hello, I have the R6 and this lens was a 24-70 2.8 II. I noticed in the beginning of shooting at Disneyland, there was a white glare. Sometime later on, it luckily went away. Can someone explain how this happens? And how to properly proceed with cleaning/what to do exactly so if and when it happens again I know what to do.  



Whenever I have seen that type of “ghosting” or “fogging” it was usually when I was trying to adapt an old film lens to use with a digital camera.  Bad filters may also cause this issue, too.

I suggest that you use an air blower to clean off the image sensor.  If the issue persists, then I recommend that you contact Canon.  They may want you to send in the camera, mount adapter, and the lens for testing.

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Are you using the lens hood?

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a greasy/oily fingerprint on the lens could cause some cloudiness on the image.  I use B+W UV MRC filters on all my lenses and they are relatively easy to clean with just my soft tshirt.  A small microfiber cloth that you can attach to your camera strap like this is also useful.


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Sometime later on, it luckily went away."

It is unlikely a fingerprint or specks of dust or dirt on the front of the lens will impact the image. Unless they are really bad and noticeable upon inspection. Anything on the front of the lens is out of focus, OOF. So it is basically not seen by the camera. If you have an add-on filter of some sort remove it. If you don't use the lens hood make sure you do use it. Either can cause that and probably did.

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