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When I am shooting film my Mark iii shuts off after a few minutes. WHY? Also It's not memory


It seems like it's on some sort of auto shut off?


@lorendlowe wrote:

I have a T5 I have used for videos for 2 years. I am aware it will shut down after 11 minutes. I am aware it will when its hot. 


I am using a card supplied by Canon and has no issues.


Today for the first time ever, for no reason, in a cool space, it shuts off after a minute or two. Everything records fine, it just constantly turns off. One was 1 min 24 sec and the other was 1 min 46 sec. (I had already deleted 3 others about the same)


I re-formatted. I rechecked my settings (lowest HD setting)


And no, I didnt try to stuff film into it. I dont think everyone with a problem is an idiot.

Canon does not supply memory cards.  Never has, AFAIK.  If your camera can with a card, then it was supplied by the vendor.




Did you know that the camera displays a temperature warning on the LCD display when it is in Movie Mode?  This icon is a dead giveaway that the image sensor is overheating.  But, if it were overheating, then it would shut down and should stay that way until the image sensor cools down.


Try a new card.  Try to stick to name brand cards, like Lexar or Sandisk.  I've had bad luck with DNY thumb drives, so I have avoided their cards like like the plague.  If you're shooting video, then you should spare cards on hand.  Stick to 32GB, or less.

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I got a 16MB card (yes, 16 MB) with my A400. In desperation once I tried using it on a Rebel and even at the lowest resolution could only save about 10 images on the card. 8^)

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