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What rebel model should I buy for using EF 35mm film lenses? I want to stay under 800$US


I have a good supply of Lenses from my old EOS 650 canon. What rebel model should I buy for using EF 35mm film lenses? I want to stay under 800$US



If they are EF mount they fit all of the current DSLR's from Canon but they may not perform (look as sharply focused) on the higher megapixel bodies if the images are viewed at 100% on your monitor, which was something you couldn't do before.

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As Cicopo says -- the EF lenses work on all Canon EOS bodies... digital or film, crop-sensor or full-frame size.


As for bodies... the entry-line of digital EOS DSLR bodies are the Rebel bodies... of which currently the T5i is the top of that range.  It's about $750 with an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens (IS = Image Stabilization and STM = Stepper Motor technology -- a near-silent focusing motor ideal for video because the motor is so quiet that the in-camera mic can't really pick up the sound of it.)


But you can get cameras in "body-only" versions if you don't want a lens.  The T5i is about $600 for "body only".


Another good option would be the 60D which is also $600 for "body only".  The 60D is a mid-range body... although it's an older model having been out for a few years.  The 60D has weather sealing, a top-lcd screen, and a 2nd dial on the back of the body making it a bit nicer for those who primarily like to shoot on manual.  


Sensor resolution, physical size, and ISO performance between the T5i and 60D are extremely close -- you probably wont notice the difference.  So really the difference is in the build of the body and body features.  In fairness... the T5i does have a touch-screen LCD (even though it's not weather sealed and doesn't have a send main dial -- btw, the point of the 2nd dial is that the front dial is controlled by your index finger and the rear dial is controlled by your thumb... when setting exposures manually, the front dial normally does shutter speed and the rear dial does aperture (though they are configurable and can be changed.)


Other bodies in your price range include the T3i -- it's a couple years older than the T5i but is still marketed.  It was the top of the Rebel line back when it was released.    Lastly... there is the "T3" (without the "i" suffix) which is the designed to be the most affordable of all Rebel bodies.  It's basically the entry body for DSLRs.  In addition to having fewer features, the T3 has slightly lower sensor resolution (but that may not be a big deal).    


Oh... and I always forget about the EOS Rebel SL1.  The SL1 is designed to be the most compact DSLR.  It's body size is noticeably smaller than the rest -- but it is an EOS DSLR camera.


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