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What purchase eos R6 or 5D mark iv



What lenses do you have?

If you are not invested in EF glass, the R6.

I already invested in EF lens but I read that I can use a mount adapter , Amazon has one for almost $200 but they are more cheaper . My only if I get the R6 and get that mount adapter all functions on the camera will be work good ?a. Lady told that she has speed issues with the adapter .

Be sure to only buy tha Canon mount adapter. There are issues with the third party knock-offs.  The Amazon marketplace is never my first choice for gear. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Would you mind to recommend a better place to get ny gear please 

Never mind, I’ll get it on Best Buy 

Best buy if you don't have a local camera shop.  I'm near Reno, NV so use Action Camera.  They are so great, so knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions.  I'm pretty sure they ship too [Removed Contact Info Per Community Guidelines].  

The two best online sites for Canon gear are Canon USA and B&H.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Ok I’ll do it , thank you 

I have an R10 and am using a canon adaptor  - I think it was about $125 - and using it with my lenses from my EOS 6 - including my Tamron 18-400.  So far things look great.  I'm no pro though, i use auto setting 90% of the time and take pictures of the landscape or wild animals.