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What is wrong with my canon R?


Hey everyone. I'd love some feedback on this issue, as I am completely out of ideas.

I am trying to find the shutter count on my camera, but every time I try connecting my camera to a 3rd party app on my windows desktop, the program wont connect to the camera.

My computer recognizes the canon r just fine, as I am able to access my camera via file explorer, but for some reason, both programs (canon eos digital info and freeshuttercount) won't connect.

When I try to connect, the screen on my camera flashes from a computer icon, then to picture mode, then back to the computer icon.

Any of you guys have an idea what the issue might be?



The most reliable way to get a shutter count is to send the camera to Canon.  Siome say that it is the only reliable way to get an accurate count.

The third part apps do not work. Stop trying to use them.  Some apps inject code into the firmware to function.  Caution, you may corrupt the firmware.  Stop tryin to use those apps.

Personally, I feel a shutter count is of dubious value.  It always raises the question of WHEN.  When was the count taken?  How much use has the camera seen since then?

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I agree with Bill here.  A shutter count is of little use and most apps don't read Canon's shutter counts. Furthermore, if the camera is used for video the shutter count won't display the amount of time the camera is actually recording, so it's of limited value.  Is there a specific reason you need the shutter count?

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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