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What happened with my camera? I can't explain it.


I shoot a lot so I've seen lots of things happen with my camera but this I can't explain. I had my 5D Mark III set up with a 17-40mm f/4L lens on a tripod late one night in my firends basement. I had my camera on RAW and was doing light paiting and shots with a couple 600ex R/T's. I looked at every shot after I took it to adjust lighting and I know when I do and don't take photos becuase I had my intevolometer set up to control camera shake easier and control when I do and don't ake a photo.


I went back to look at the photos I took and there was an image I did not take (which is attached). It was a giant green circle that took up the entire center of the image and was perfectly centered. There was no light at all when the camera took the picture because I had lights off to control the lighting as I was showing my friends what you can do with a couplt flash units and radio transmitter as they were not photographers. No light could of reproduced because of the way the light falls off in what almost appears to be banding. The pattern as you can see on the image is extremely weird and interesting the way the pattern falls off.


The weirdest part didn't even happen yet. When I loaded the image onto the computer the photo completely changed on me in Lightroom to the weirdest colorful pattern on its own without me touching a thing. I reloaded it and the same thing happened but when I renamed the file and then loaded it into lightroom the image stayed. What happened? Has anybody came accross this before? Let me know, the place is supposedly haunted but I'm sure there is an explainable reason why this happened the way it did.


Original file uneditedWhat happened after I loaded it onto Lightroom





It is simply a corrupted image.  You did shoot it.  You just can't tell because of the corrupted file.  The last is how LR interpted it.  I would replace the CF card.  Especially if it happens again.  And if it keeps happening have the camera checked out.

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