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VR Content Creator Kit Good for Still Images?


In addition to 3D volumetric video, does the camera setup allow for 3D volumetric still images?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi meta_merritt,

The pairing of gear in the VR Content Creator kit is primarily for video. The RF5.2mm F2.8 L lens can be used for still images, but they would not be volumetric like video shot with that lens. It would be more like a traditional photo with a wider angle of view, and some editing would be needed to stich the photo together. The VR software that is used with the lens only works with video files.

The EOS R5 C camera body included in that kit can be used either for photos or videos and has a full suite of menu options for both. The photo side of the camera works similarly to our EOS R5 and the video side of the camera works similarly to our cinema cameras. The camera can be switched between video and photo modes using a switch on the top of the camera.  

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