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Used R5 or new R6 mII


Hi guys. I'm a semi-professional who mainly does real estate-jobs but also some events here and there. I've been rocking an awesome 6d mII and but it's time for an upgrade as budget allows it. I've got all the lenses I need (16-35 f2.8 II / 50 f1.2 / 70-200 f2.8 II).

Now: would you go for a used R5 or rather the new R6 mII? I've read that the R6 performs smoother in low light and I'm a bit afraid of the size of 50-mpx raws but it's still very tempting. A used R5 soon will cost pretty much the same as a new R6 mII, even more so when the R5 mII and/or the R1 will be announced, I guess?



I would go new to have the warranty and peace of mind. With used, you really never know what you’ll be getting.

if you find that you you’d really need the extra features of the R5, I would recommend keeping what you have and save up for the R5 Mark II. 


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Unless you need the 45MP of a R5, the R62 is a great camera and "new" as Ricky pointed out. 

Buy a CarePak too 😊

The R52 is a next year camera.  The R62 is off to a great start, and one that should do very well with Real Estate photography.

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