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Uploading Raw Images to convert


Hey All,

I am completely new at this and shot about 400 photos in RAW for my nieces birthday party and I just found out RAW images wont upload?

Any way I can go around this? If I take it to a photo place with my SD or cable will they be able to print?


Any help is greatly appreciated!




@ebiggs1 wrote:

"They do not transfer onto my laptop when I attach the usb cord."


In reverse order.  Do you have a laptop or a tablet? Or, both?  I doubt the tablet will work at all so forget it.  


"how would i convert them?" 


If you have a real laptop you need to d/l the free DPP4 from Canon.  It is virtually seamless to u/l to a computer or laptop with it.  With DPP4 you will be able to do whatever you want with the raw files.


So, once again so you truly understand, you need a real deal laptop or computer and DPP4.  This is not splitting atoms here it is really that simple.  You may find someone that knows more about Acer tablets than I but I don't think its use is possible for raw files.

I think I've run DPP4 on a Surface Pro 3.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Waddizzle wrote:


A RAW file is a digital negative.  You cannot upload that file type to social media, nor can you print directly from it.  Just like in film, the negative must be first converted into a form viewable to humans, which can mean a JPEG file type.


There are advantages and disadvantages to using either file type.  It sounds like you have discovered one of the few disadvantages to using the RAW file type: you cannot share the files until you convert them.

You can print directly from a RAW file with DPP.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA