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Upgrade recommendations from EOS Rebel XSi for Yellowstone trip



I am very new to Canon Community, I just signed up a trip to Yellow Stone in Sept, 24 and I thought I would upgrade my old camera before the trip.  I have EOS xsi and the lenses I have now are EF-S 55-250MM and EF-S 18-55MM.

There is a refreshed Canon EOS R5 C come with lens RF24-105mm F2.8 for just under $4000. Is it a good buy or I should just buy a newer version of camera itself and get induvial lens I need.  Is Lens RF24-105MM all I need for wildlife photos in distance? Is EOS R5 compatible with my existing EF-S lenses? 

Do I need a lens 70-200MM F2.8?

Thanks in advance for any advises.






HI Trevor,

Based on your previous comment, I thought if I get RF200-500mm L, that is everything I need on top of RF14-35mm F4 L and RF24-105mm F4 L. After read yours and Ricky's comment, RF70-200L probably is a better fit for the collection instead of RF200-500mm L. Both you and Rick mentioned F2.8 which is about $1000 more than F4. Is it worth it in a long run to get F2.8 instead of F4? Here is the chart I am planning to get. What do you think?




From my experience in Yellowstone, I suggest you buy or rent (Lens Rentals is good) Tamron or SIgma 150-600. While sometimes you are close enough for a shorter lens, you might need the extra reach.

This was shrunk too much, it it gives you the idea:


IT is taken with my T3i at 500mm focal length. The ranger kept us pretty far away, across the river.

(We were driving through Grand Teton's NP and saw a bunch of cars by the road, with the idea that a bunch of people means something interesting to see, I parked, got out and found the ranger protecting this guy from anyone getting too close)


Great info here + my .02 cents.

I'd consider at least one or more faster lenses than f4.  f4 for Yellowstone like vacations should work pretty well.  For weddings however having a faster lens f2.8 is a safe bet.  (Ricky's suggestion).

Grabbing a Sigma or Tamron 150-600mm with an EF to R adapter as kvbarkley suggested is a great way to bring your price point down.  Canon also sells refurbished cameras and lenses which I know all here will also fully recommend.  Every refurbished product I've purchased from Canon has been magnificent. 

Check out refurbished.  Save a little money and buy with confidence.  Stock levels are down at the moment, but they are going to rebound shortly.   

Canon Refurbished Cameras & Accessories | Canon U.S.A, Inc.  

I like the R5 recommendation for you.  Lens wise, what I recommend is that you do your best to cover the broadest range of focal lengths with the least amount of overlap.  Granted this can't be avoided all the time, especially when you are buying a something for a specific purpose.  With photography, lenses are the real investment and what will move forward with you.  Body's come and go.   

Yes, there are a million ways to slice this, and you'll not likely get everything you want out of the gate, but with a little planning I know you'll get some very nice gear.

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