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Upgrade from EOS R50: R5 or R6 mark ii with another lens?



I am needing advice on what I should do cause I can’t seem to pick.

I currently have a few Rf lenses, 24-70 2.8, 50 prime, 100-400 usm, 10-18 wide

I want to upgrade my body from the R50 .

Now my question is should I get just the r5 or the r6 mark ii with another lens?



Hello and welcome to the forums.

Three of your current RF lenses, the 24-70mm F2.8, 50mm prime and 100-400mm are all designed to work with full-frame cameras, only the 10-18mm is designed solely for cameras with APS-C size "cropped" sensors like your EOS R50. This lens will physically fit on both R5 and R6 Mark II, but the camera will only work in cops mode resulting in 9.3MP images from the EOS R6 Mark II and 17.3MP for the EOS R5. This is the lens that I suggest you should update when changing to a full-frame EOS R-series camera.

There is some speculation that the EOS R5 which was introduced in 2020 will be replaced with an updated version soon. The EOS R6 Mark II has a much more capable AF system and some additional features over the EOS R5, but does not match the resolution. Personally I chose the EOS R6 Mark II, as it suits the kinds of photos I take. 

If you can give some idea of what kinds of photos you capture, that will help in recommending either the EOS R5 or EOS R6 Mark II. 


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