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Upgrade from Canon Eos70D to Canon 5DMarkIV or RP or other full frame cameras



I currently have a Canon EOS 70D with only a 50mm 1.5 lens (as I do not have the kit lens). I'm trying to branch out into more portrait (mainly) and landscape, and maybe architecture photography and have the option for videography. 

I've had my Canon70D for a while now but I want a full-frame camera to be able to take photos in lower light settings. I'm also a college student and I don't want to spend over 2k on a both new camera and lens. 

Right now I'm looking at either the Canon 5D Mark IV or a Canon eos Rp (since both used cameras are around the 800-1000) range. 

However since Im a college student I don't really have the money for the new RF lenses and I'm looking at buying a canon ef 24-70mm f2.8 lens that's used and maybe another prime lens to go with the camera since used EF lenses are more affordable right now. 

I was thinking of using the 5D because I really enjoy portrait photography as I know its really good at it, but I was maybe considering getting the RP because I heard its good for both video and photos and I really like having the flip out screen (that I also have from my 70d). I'm just hesitant to get the RP because I would need to get an adapter, and I'm still figuring out if I want to be serious about photography and maybe I'll upgrade to the R5 when I graduate college and get a job. 

Does anyone have any advice or other full frame canon camera recommendations? 



With your limitations of funds I would shoot with the 5D MK4 as EF glass is so much cheaper and can be adapted to the mirrorless body if you move up in the future.

the adapters can be bought straight from canon for around $100. I shoot an R5 with only adapted EF lenses, can get them way cheap on used market.


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I might recommend the R8 with adapted EF glass  for a modern full frame experience on a budget.  It checks more of your boxes than the 5D4 and is worth your consideration.

Quick side by side here:

Canon R8 vs Canon 5D MIV Detailed Comparison (

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