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Upgrade coming for Canon 7D?


I want to upgrade from my Rebel XTi and am looking at the 7D.  However, I see that it came out in 2009 and was wondering if it was due to be upgraded or replaced anytime soon.  Has anybody heard?


Also, I shoot a lot of horses, both action and portrait, outdoors and low light; am I thinking along the right lines considering the 7D instead of the 60D? (I like the 8 shots/sec the 7D offers)  Anything else I need to consider?  Thanks!



The 70d will most likely be out before a 7dii. Rumors are that the it will come in 2013.


If you're interested in the 7d, remember that there is a significant firmware update that really ups the abilities of the 7d.

The 7d is a nice camera and I hope they do an update. But I don't like 1.6 anymore.

Thanks for the info.  Will keep that in mind.


get a 7d off of craigslist

when the 7d2 comes out, sell it

keep your eye on it'll be pretty obvious when its coming out

keep saving $$

sell the 7d1 about a month or so before it comes out (sell it for as much as you can)

the 7d is a great camera - might as well get some use out of it if you're ready to move up from an xti


I have been shhoting equestrian events for six (6)+ years.  I started with the 10D, and moved from the 10D to the 20D to the 30D before buying the 7D three (3) years ago.  The Frames per Second (FPS) was the primary reason for choosing the 7D over the 5D Mark II.  I noted that when the 5D Mark III came out that they had increased the speed of the FPS, but reduced the Megapixels to achieve the increase in speed.


Recently Canon introduced the New 70D with a Full Frame Processor.  Again, the new 70D has a Full Frame Processor by sacrificing the FPS speed.


I shot a steeplechase event three years ago with a 30D w/18-50 MM IS USM lens and a 7D w/70-200MM IS USM II, when I reviewed and compared the results of both, I purchased a second 7D.  The bottom line is that neither the 5D Mark III or the 70D with their full frame processor provide me with any significant difference in image quality and the frames per second are slower.  The 5D Mark II or III are great studio cameras. 


The 7D is a very good versitile camera for outdoor action, landscapes, stills or studio work, and the video is excellect.  Three years ago at PDN NYC one of the speakers presenting DSLR Video was the photographer that shot a series of videos for the opening scenes of Saturday Night Live using the 7D functionality.  In addition, the 7D Firmware has been undated.


I am a Canon fan based on their support, cameras features and functionality, and the software packaged (EOS Utility, Digital Professional, Zoom Browser and Photo Stitch) with their cameras,


The 70d is a 1.6 crop sensor, not full frame. And the 5d mk3 has more megapixels (22.3) than the 70d (20) or the 7d (18). The 70d and 5d3 have the same Digic 5 processor, while the 7d has dual Digic 4 processors. FPS are 6, 7, and 8, respectively.

Canon Rumors is saying the latest guess to see the 7d2 is 2nd quarter of 2014. I would expect it to have a more sophisticated autofocus and maybe an extra MP or two, and it will be better at shooting video (if you care at all about video).

What it will probably not be is a whole lot better in low light. I do hope that is wrong though. If you really need action in low light, you may want to consider a full frame 5d3. But that is only if you have already upgraded your lenses to a wide-aperture 2.8 lens like the 70-200 2.8 or a 200 2.8 prime. Upgrade the lenses first because they are more important.

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