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Unable to take pictures with brand new T4i

Brand New T4i for Christmas! Installed lens (EFS 18-135 mm STM) 16Gb card fully charged battery. Pushed the Live View button next to the view finder and got "Err 20 Shooting is not possible due to an error. turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery." doing so did not help can not display image on the screen only way to clear the error message is to r&r the battery. When I try to take a picture, the Access Lamp remains illuminated, shutter does not close until I turn off the camera. Never get an image on the display and nothing is recorded on the card. I am hoping that I am doing something wrong and that the camera is not defective. Any thoughts?


Did you format the new memory card? If not start by doing that in camera using the menus to see if that goes well. If so forget Live View & try taking a photo in the conventional way using the viewfinder in Program mode. If that works move to the other modes to see if they work properly. Also note that in Live View you MAY have to set the lens to MF (check the manual on that) but for the tests I've suggested it should be in AF.

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I tried everything you suggested. No luck . It's almost like the sensor is not working. The display works because I can access all the menu items.

What brand and type of SD card are you using?  Make sure you use quality cards


Did the camera actual format the card or did it choke while doing so?


Try a full format of the card first from your PC, then put it back in the camera and format it again.  If that doesn't work try a different SD card


If all else fails, call Canon support, they do an excellent job.



Just did a quick google for Err 20:


Err 20 - Malfunctions related to the mechanical mechanism have been detected.


Pull the batteries for a while to see if things will reset then try again.


If the above does not work, return the camera.

Thanks to those who offered suggestions. My conversation with Canon Technical services confirmed my suspicion that the camera was falty. He said that if one reset, I.e. remove and reinstall the battery, did not correct the problem then it needed to be serviced. I returned it to B & H Photo and they are sending me a new one.

Sandisk Extreme Pro 16 Gb SDHC. Two different cards.