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I'm a newbie with the T7. I'm trying to set the self-timer but am getting frustrated. I've gone to youtube and found that no one is using the same camera as me, as the buttons are different spots, but I think I've figured that out. I am able to hit the left which takes me to the screen with three choices. One - Single shot, Two - Self-Timer, Three - Continuous timer. I choose the self-timer icon and am taken back to the page I was on before(dont know what its called) which has the type of setting, chareristics, bottom - Qbutton, battery life, S1, and (9999). The self timer button is below the text. When I hit the set button nothing happens. 

I then go back to the beginning and originally hit the Q button which takes to a bottom row choice only of single, self and continuous icons. I choose the self timer and hit the shutter button and the camera immediately takes 5 consecutive pictures. I'm stuck. Any help?



A little more info would be helpful.  You say that you are trying to set the self timer.  But, what is the end result that you trying to achieve?  Describe what you want to happen when you press the shutter.

Also, if the camera is not behaving as you expect, then I recommend setting P mode on the top dial and resetting the camera back to factory defaults.

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Instead of depending on advice on Youtube or asking the web, have you actually read, or consulted the manual?

cheers Trevor

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