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Thoughts on the EOS Rebel t3i


I am looking for something to shoot my kids playing sports. I found this one that seems affordable and has the sports mode and lenses I need. Just curious if anybody has this camera and if it's worth buying. Thanks.


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@GMAN1220 wrote:

Don't you need a sports mode for the "burst" shots where you can take multiple shots per seconds ?

The T3i can do nearly 4 shots per second.  It's pretty good.  Is faster better?  Sure, but is it necessary?  Do you really need 7 shots a second apart?

I don't think anyone has mentioned it but for action you should also set the AF system to AI Servo. That tells the camera it's tracking moving targets (while you have the AF active) rather than a stationary target.

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As a newcomer, I have found this thread to be very useful. Thank you.
Oh by the way, I do have a spots setting on my EOS600D

Oops...For spots read sports.


Or you can buy this kit on BHPhoto for the same price but you get free SD card (so you don't have to buy one).
Also, BHPhoto give you 2% cash back for some accessories later, and they offer free Expedite shipping also. And I don't think HSN is authorized Canon Dealer.

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By all means buy from B&H or Adorama. Smiley Happy They will even talk to you and answer your questions on the phone.  In my area there is a really good camera store.  Their prices are very near B&H or Adorama but it is local and you have a knowledgable person, face to face, to talk to.  See if one is in your are as a possibility.  Don't be afraid to tell them B&H's or Adorama's price if theirs is too much higher.


HSN is one of the last places to buy from. Smiley Sad


In my Summertime DSLR 101 classes there are probably more Rebel T3i's than all other cameras combined.

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