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T5i and Neewer NW759 monitor


Just got one of those Neewer NW759 external monitors (branded as the Feelworld FW759, but everything internally is the same, just a different logo), and connecting it to my T5i with the mini HDMI cable provided with it. Batteries are fully charged in both the camera and monitor, camera has "control via HDMI" turned on, but the monitor is saying "No Signal" when in the HDMI input mode. The camera goes dark as if it's being controlled externally, and the only thing it seems to be able to do is work the shutter, but the monitor still says No Signal. I'm assuming the HDMI cable is good if the camera is getting signal from the monitor, because switching to AV mode on the monitor turns the camera back on as if it's not plugged in, as expected.


Trying to get second opinions from anyone using one of these things, as I see they're pretty popular for being a low budget monitor. I tried it on 2 different T5i's, and my old T3i, after reading people use it with their T3i's as well. Could it be my camera or my monitor? Am I forgetting a step or setting?



Could still be the cable. Usually it just works. "control over HDMI", on the other hand is not not guaranteed to work. You might just turn that off and see if that helps.

Yea I'll try another, luckily I'm right near a best buy.


Update: I left both the camera and monitor on for about 10 minutes and it randomly started working. Turned it off and on a few times and it worked, but after leaving them off for a few minutes, it has yet to work again. The mystery continues lol

Problem solved, you were right and it was the cable. Figured the cheap Chinese cable it came with would be no good. Got another one from Best Buy and it works most of the time, as long as I turn the monitor on before the camera.


Lock thread I guess.


I just purchased one of these for my T5i which is also new to me.  It seems like everything is working correctly, but I can't get the image on the monitor to completely fill the screen.  The best I am able to get is app. 5.5 inches diagonly.  Have you had any problems with yours?


This worked fine with my Canon G20 camcorder so it must be something to do with the settings in the T5i.


Any advise?

did you get that sorted because i bought it for my canon 5d and have the same problem, please help if you have that sorted

Hello again;


I do remember having to set one setting to correct this and it is a common problem I am finding out.  Let me look into this and get back to you. 

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