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T4i 650D keeps turning "off"


I'm delving into Live Streaming.


I have a T4i, T3i, Sony A7sII.


I'm connected to my video switcher via the HDMI out.


My Canon (can't remember at the moment if it was the T3i or T4i), after maybe 20-30 mins, will click and then I see the screen to tell me to press the CAMERA ICON button to re-open the "shutter"(?).


The settings to turn off the camera automatically are OFF.  The camera just seems to wanna click off and it's very inconvenient.


I have one of those plug-in batteries so the cam is powered by AC power.  I have Canon lenses attached.


What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.


This must be related to using the HDMI out because when I'm filming music videos (recording directly onto the SD) and the camera is on for hours, it never shuts off the way it does when I'm using it to livestream via the HDMI out.

I have this same issue with my Rebel T5i, and I don't know how to fix it.