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Switched to R6, best part was unexpected


Sold off my 6D Mark II and switched over to an R6. Tonight was my first actual use of it - and went great. Eye tracking is the real deal. Every. Single. Image. Was in focus. Normally I’d have quite a few throw aways with soft focus or missing the eye completely, but this camera literally nailed every single frame I shot.

But that wasn’t what has me most excited. My flash trigger is a Flashpoint clone of the canon ST-E3-RT and for 3+ years when using it, the camera would consistently give an “ai bounce” message and I’d have to wait a few moments before I could take the shot our adjust anything (ss/aperture etc). Or the flashes wouldn’t trigger at all, probably 1 out of every 7/8 shots. But I just dealt with it. Tonight - no message on the R6 and flashes fired every single time.

Can’t wait to get some more time in with this camera!



same my story. I am use too this