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Autofocus on New 55-200 lens for M50


I am using my new 55-200 lens on my M50 but the autofocus is not working on the camera. When it put on autofocus mode the camera will not take a picture, but when it is on manual focus it begins to work again. Is the lens not able to go to autofocus mode or should I continue to use the manual ring to focus on my subject? Also, sometimes I have to press the shutter release button for it to work at all. What can I do to use the lens on autofocus mode?






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


When you have the camera and lets set to autofocus, does the lens seem to attempt to focus? With STM lenses you will want to press the shutter halfway down to activate the focus ring, after which rotating the ring will affect focusing. Since this lens has a smaller opening for light to enter, it may need brighter light or more contrast to focus properly. The best way to test if the motor is focusing at all would be to try autofocusing on a dark object in bright daylight. This is essentially an underhand pitch to the lens just to see if the motor is activating at all.

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