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Suggestion: configure camera settings via desktop computer


My suggestion applies especially to the advanced mirrorless camera systems which have a huge menu array.

I have the EOS R5 camera. I make use of the C1, C2, C3 so that I can instantly go to the various settings for changing situation. Further, I have several saved files on my SD card so that I have configurations for different venues such as nature, real estate, and portraiture photography. The various situations can be complex in that different lenses are used, and some can use 'smart' auxiliary equipment such as off-camera lighting arrays.

Give me a desktop app where I can use a menu simulation interface, and configure all settings, then download this to an SD card to be read in via the camera "Load settings on card" menu. 

As a bonus, it would be nice: (1) enable me to load saved settings from the SD card, (2) display a title in the camera indicating which configuration set is loaded, (3) have links to help and tips for various camera menu items - an extension of what is already in the camera.

I welcome any comments.

Wildlife photographer - EOS R, R5 many lenses, LR Classic, Topaz, necessary gadgets


The best way to provide feedback and suggestions to Canon would be to visit their Main Web Page and click on the "[+] Feedback" link which is found in the upper-right corner as well as at the bottom of page next to the copyright notice.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Done. Thank you.
I would also like others to discuss this on the forum. I don't think I am the only photographer who could benefit from this app.

Wildlife photographer - EOS R, R5 many lenses, LR Classic, Topaz, necessary gadgets


I use custom shooting modes for most of my shooting.  I would not find offline editing useful.  

What if you make an undesirable change to the settings?  How would you correct it?  Do you correct it in the camera?  Or, do you rewrite the file you saved on an SD card?  The latter solution requires that you remove an SD card from the camera, insert it into a computer, edit the file, and then move the card back to the camera so that you can reload the update.  No, thanks.

If there are menu settings that you adjust find need to adjust frequently, then I suggest that you add them to a custom menu.  I do [NOT] recommend saving different custom menus for different shooting modes.  That can get really complicated, really fast.  No, thanks again.

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