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Slight yellow cast on LCD screen 70D


Hey all, got a strange problem. I bought a very gently used 70D on eBay (shutter count was 95 when I got it) and it looks like brand new with the exception of the LCD which appears to have a slight yellow cast. It does NOT affect the photos and the seller did tell me about it.

My question is whether you think this is a LCD issue or something more serious, like a main board?  I'm technically inclined so swapping the LCD is an option. It's just a slight annoyance over an otherwise pristine 70D.

Thanks for any help.



SOLVED!  The issue turned out to be a low quality screen protector. Once removed, all cast was gone.

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Hi and welcome to the forum:

It is hard to tell, but I would suggest you send it to Canon to test. If it's just the LCD, then you have the option to change it yourself, and if it's the main board, then Canon can change it for you, if that is a cost-effective solution.  If the condition of the display was not clearly identified by the vendor, perhaps you could approach them, and if no luck have recourse via eBay.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Hi Tronhard, yes the seller was very clear there was a yellow cast on the LCD. Like I said, it's just a mild annoyance as I use the LCD to check focus, composition etc. The issue has zero effect on the pics or video. I see it most clearly in the menus. I have a Canon Authorized service center here in my city and I'll see about the issue with them per your recommendation. Hopefully it's a LCD issue and I'll just swap it out if it bothers the wife as it's her camera. She loves the 70D btw. 


Might be completely unrelated but do check if your camera falls into the following serial number range.  

Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Product Advisory Detail Page

My suggestion would be pass and return, regardless of what was disclosed, but we all have different levels of what we are willing to put up with.  

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Hi Shadowsports, thanks for your reply. It does appear to be unrelated. I'll keep an eye out for those errors. I plan on getting another 70D for myself and will avoid that serial number range. 


"The issue has zero effect on the pics or video."


The two are completely independent of each other. It would take a photo whether the LCD was even working at all. A lot of the time when I am working and really busy I never look at the LCD. Sometimes called "chimping".

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SOLVED!  The issue turned out to be a low quality screen protector. Once removed, all cast was gone.

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