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Shutter count 80D


Hi there! Does anyone know how to retrieve the shutter count for the Canon 80D? I tried checkshuttercount .com and camerashuttercount .com, both said no shutter count. I also tried downloading the eos digital info from Sourceforge, but that was a bust (and hopefully not a virus since the error was in French). I use windows, in case that matters. Thank you in advance for any help.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello JLaw08,

The Canon factory service center is the only way to get the shutter count on this camera model. You may send in your EOS 80D to our repair facility to have them provide an 18-point CMS (Canon Maintenance Service) to your camera body and request the shutter count be provided. The cost is $139 plus any applicable taxes and shipping and handling for the CMS. Typical turnaround time is 5-7 business days but usually quicker for a CMS.


I've tried using several camera shutter counter online for my R8 and all of them failed to read the shutter count too, they seem to work with other brand cameras though. It's a shame that that this useful information is not publicly available for canon users ☹️


If shutter count were readily available, then the value could also be easily counterfeited. 

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Shutter count is not the standard for measuring health.  It's merely a guideline and can be factored in when determining a body's overall health.  Condition should also be considered.  

Why this matters. When you shoot video, that is considered one shutter actuation.  If all you shot was video, this might not indicate where the shutter is in its rated service life. (MTBF).

If knowing is important the camera should be sent to Canon as John_Q mentioned above.  

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