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Shout Out to CPS for my 1DX II repair (not a problem, so no response required)


By nature, forums exist mostly to solve problems, so that's what we hear about all the time.  So forgive me a little change of pace just because I felt so good about a resolution.  Recently my 1DX II had some sensor spots that needed cleaning.  I know my limitations, and working with delicate things isn't my sweet spot, so I sent it in for repair.  After owning Canon products for nearly 15 years, this is the first time I've used CPS.  What a great experience it was.  When I call the line for questions, I get right through, and nobody feels rushed or ill informed.  It was like talking to another photographer.  The process was fast and easy, and the work was excellent.  In a world where getting support for things feels increasingly harder, this was a pleasant experience.  


My only ask would be more modern digital integration of the repair for automated tracking and alerts and such.  But if the trade off is the excellent human conversations I have, and the quality of the work, it's one I'm willing to take! 


If you're watching, Thanks Canon CPS team for the excellent work. 


I feel stupid waiting 15 years to take advantage of it!  





I too have had great service from CPS.  Can't say enough about how great is their service.


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