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Should I buy an external flash for my EOS M50?

Occasional Contributor

The built in flash does not seem to do it for me, or is it that im not just good at using it? 


Reputable Contributor

Built-in flashes certainly have far less power.  And one the main reason's I avoid on-camera flash is I don't like the look of the results.  Having an off-camera flash (or many flashes) can really open up creative possibilities.   So I can indeed recommend working with external flash units beyond any built-in one.


But I do have to ask what types of images are you trying to capture with flash?


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EOS C70, RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS

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I think I want better results with nighttime photography, or areas with poor lighting or is there any other thing that I should use a flash for? 

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None of my cameras have a built in flash. But, if they did I would never use it.

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LOL WOW!!  that says a lot. Will definitely get a flash then. 

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Get an EL-100. Tiny, bounces and swivels and pretty powerful for its size. I have another, larger flash, but use the EL-100 95% of the time because I always have it with me.