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Shooting video in HDR mode


I shot some video in HDR mode, I didn't download the footage yet. The question that I have is does video recording in HDR mode will produce HDR video footage? Has anyone tried it? and what were the results?


Thank you



Are you using the Magic Lantern hack?  What do you mean that you shot video in HDR mode?  I don't think anyone is marketing a DSLR that shoots HDR video...  but it's not really my field, so I could certainly be mistaken.  On a normal Canon DSLR if you're in HDR mode and switch to video I'm sure it just turns the HDR off.

I have failed to mention that I have a 6D, no magic lantern. Yes that right I put the dial on HDR then switched to video and started recording. So your saying that the camera shuts the HDR feature off.? If so what is the camera setting if its off?



I can't say I've tried it on my 6D, I've never even tried the in-camera HDR, but I'm fairly confident that it doesn't function in video mode.  I'm kind of surprised it even lets you select it.  


What do you mean, what is the camera setting if it's off?  It would function in standard video mode.

No it's not shooting in HDR mode. It's the setting for still, no effect on video.
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Thank you all for your response you have answered my questions.
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